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 Ringcraft training classes are held each Wednesday evening at 7:30pm

Ringcraft Training
Show Training

Whether you're a beginner with your first show dog or an experienced handler and exhibitor, our team of handlers will help you get the best from your dog in the show ring.

We will teach and assist you to present and move your dog correctly for the dog show ring. Our handlers have a great deal of experience and regularly exhibit their own dogs at the UK Open and Championship Dog Shows. Many of our members regularly show their dogs at Championship shows and compete annually at Crufts.

We can offer friendly, practical advice on all aspects of Dog Showing from handling and moving your dog, entering your first show and even to judging classes of dogs. When your dog and yourself have the training and ability to attend shows, we're always there for further practice and helpful advice.

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Match Meetings
Every month we organise a match meeting that gives you the oppertunity to practice with your dogs in a show environment.
Mr N Rotherforth - Match Secretary

If you require any further information then please E mail the Secretary at Selbycanine@aol.com as we are experiencing problems with the online enquiry form below.
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