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 Ringcraft training classes are held each Wednesday evening at 7:30pm

Welcome to Selby Canine Society

In 1979 a party of dog exhibitors travelling home by bus from Crufts decided to found a local, all breed, Canine Society. A public meeting was called in a local hotel and as there was sufficient support Selby Canine Society was formed.

At that meeting Mr Jimmy Simpson (Penang) was elected to the chair, a position he held until the end of 2013 when he stepped down for health reasons. It was agreed from the beginning that the society's main purpose would be to encourage responsible dog ownership.

We now run both ringcraft training and obedience classes each Wednesday evening.

In 1980 the Society gained a licence from the Kennel Club and the first show was held at RAF Church Fenton. Each subsequent year two shows have been held, and in 2010 an anniversary show was held to mark the thirty years the society has existed which was well attended, the society giving many specials to mark the occasion.

All local dogs owners are welcome to attend our obedience classes. We will help them to socialize their dogs and via training to introduce them to the level of disipline nessesary for them to be good members of society.

The show training class are for show training of pedigree dogs and new owners who were thinking of showing. Over the Thirty years this class has run, many champions have passed through and many new starters are now well established exhibitors.

Of the original group of exhibitors that met 30 years ago only one still remains on the committee but the original concept of ensuring better more responsible dog ownership still remains the priority of Selby Canine Society.


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